Sunday, June 15, 2008

algerian boyfriend pt. 2938572893760

June 14th
11:31 pm

je t'aime amiga,I think u are now playing with ur nice body sexy,&I see that u are sexygirl,u are small girl and adult,take u care,my love,u are sleeping w me.


Anonymous said...

this is why you don't put any personal information on your skype account.

marianna said...

i know, right? i changed the security settings on my profile but dude is still calling...oh well. at least now i can prevent future e-stalkers.

abdelkader said...

oh god!! i feel shame that this guy is algerian!!! :( he is nasty stupid and his english and frensh is so so so bad... don't know what to say... :( such a bad guy oh!!! shame shame shame!!