Sunday, June 15, 2008

algerian boyfriend pt. 2938572893760

June 14th
11:31 pm

je t'aime amiga,I think u are now playing with ur nice body sexy,&I see that u are sexygirl,u are small girl and adult,take u care,my love,u are sleeping w me.

algerian boyfriend pt. 2938572893759

June 14
11:15 pm

u don't know me?this is my web site send me ur e-mail address,for send u all my informations,et ne peur pas,moi JH,27 ans,diplomé

Saturday, June 14, 2008

algerian boyfriend pt.5

june 14
10:33 pm

G evening my nice girl,excuse me!I don't know exactly why U don't help me?why !if u don't like me,I hoppe if U search one girl canadianne to call me,I'M SOLITAR

algerian boyfriend pt.4

june 9
11:58 pm

Hello maria, I'm sorry about calling u,because my heart need to open ur heart for him,i'm a goodman,please send me sms about ur heart,because we are humain,bye.

algerian boyfriend pt.3

June 8
10:36 pm

Goodnight my love,u are fine,u have 20year,so u are studente university,u can see my website: send me your e-mail please by.

algerian boyfriend pt.2

June 7
9:59 pm

Goodnight maria...,why U don't reply! this is my finely sms to u,if u don't send me ur mail,sms vers canada tres cher,buz f u.

algerian boyfriend pt.1

some algerian guy got my cell phone number off Skype and has been calling me and texting me non-stop for the past 3 weeks, allegedly because he wants a canadian visa. i deleted a bunch of the messages because my inbox was full, but recently wrote a few of them down. enjoy.

June 6
10:22 pm

Goodnight maria, I don't know why U don't send me ur e-mail,I don't eat it?just for send to u msg,please i want to see u,i love u,&ur sms, goodbye.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

poor kitty.

i saw this on the Donway yesterday while i was walking home from the bus stop. there was a cop parked right there and she gave me a strange look when i took this picture.